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The following are the steps you should take once you have enrolled in the KRU Muay Thai COACH Training Program:

1. Contact Master Ace (via and inform him all the people who will be training in his COACHING Program. Information should include Full name address, all best contact information. Remember, You may train with as much staff as you want, but check your program to see who is registered and only those who attend and pass LIVE TRAINING RETREAT WEEKENDS will be certified upon passing. Additional participants in the LIVE TRAINING are additional costs. For more info contact Next LIVE with space available is in NEW JERSEY in November. RSVP today.

2. Also disclose via email the date which you intend on beginning your KRU Muay Thai to the public as well as copy of the proprosed full school schedule with at least 2 Level 1 Beginners classes on the schedule for review. Please note that about 8 to 10 months after launch you will want at least 2 Level 2 classes to be available on schedule also.

3. With the date in mind you must prepare your school for the mass intros or pre-registrations for your class. That means getting your pro shop and house equipment ready. The following is a suggestion:

House equipment:

6 - 12 pairs of jump ropes (8 ' majority to a few 9 ' length for taller)

6 - 12 pairs of Hand Wraps (180" KRU Stretch)

Number of thai pads to max number of people (ex.: 16 people = 16 thai pads or 8 pair)


So that you are not ordering every week and keeping up you should have in stock at least to fulfill 20 KRU BASIC Students. Here is the suggested formula:

1 12 oz leather KRU Training Glove

2 pairs of Hand Wraps (180" KRU Stretch)

1 pairs of jump rope

1 pair os KRU Level 1 Rank Shorts

2 KRU Student t-shirts (Branded your logo front and KRU Knee logo on back)

Multiply this by 20 or whatever number you feel you may get in the first 6 weeks, but remember to monitor your ordering so students do not wait for their gear.

any comments?


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